Loud Places

Impact Wrestling taping

Thu. January 8th, 2015 @ Manhattan Center (Grand Ballroom)


Yeah, so, wrestling! It was $20. Don't hate. We all have our stupid hobbies.

The most ridiculous part of this - and there were many ridiculous parts, because wrestling - was that when I took my initial seat, I posted a picture of it on a forum saying that it was what was available for $20. Turns out, there was a guy sitting behind me who also posted on this forum, and saw my post, and so we ended up hanging out for the whole show! He knew a lot more about the TNA roster than I did, so that worked out well for me. We also ended up getting moved to really good seats that were probably $50-60 online. Thank god TNA is such an unpopular promotion.

I legitimately enjoyed this. Like, I unironically love wrestling, the big dumb spectacle it is, but TNA is bad wrestling, at least on TV. In person, though, it's a lot easier to just laugh at the bad booking (aka "writing") and appreciate the in-ring action. There were lots of impressive performances by wrestlers I hadn't seen before (Low Ki, Kurt Angle, the Hardys), and I ended up marking out for things that I would probably make fun of if I saw them on TV.