Loud Places

Jamie xx

Sat. August 8th, 2015 @ Terminal 5



Don't see DJ sets at venues like Terminal 5. Just don't. Too packed to dance, not much to look at. He played a good, long set though, I'll give him that.


09:55:08 pm
Fucked up by getting to this show early instead of watching Dota finals. >1hr till Jamie :(

02:02:56 am
I've got some whines I could do about Terminal 5 and the crowd there but I'm gonna not because that was a kickass set

02:22:26 am
oh also tonight jamie xx played ANOTHER good times remix, didn't recognize the rapper. want to hear the 20+ min supercut w/ all remix verses

02:24:57 am
oh I guess it was one of the dudes from Ratking. also peep this dead-ass crowd, christ twitter.com/PigsAndPlans/s…