Loud Places

Vince Staples / Lil Herb / Loaf Muzik

Tue. August 11th, 2015 @ The Shop



A tiny show in a BBQ joint. People standing on tables to see; the floor was way too packed to move without stepping on feet. When he did Blue Suede I lost a shoe. It was awesome.


06:36:44 pm
We got ourselves a line @vincestaples

07:33:13 pm
Got in easy to the @vincestaples show. Half hour till opener

07:36:10 pm
Holy shit @theshopbrooklyn is the only venue I've ever been in that smells like BBQ and I'm so hungry now

10:52:37 pm

11:34:22 pm
Vince Staples is incredible

01:12:20 am
i'm still thinking about that vince staples show. that was some tell-your-grandkids-in-60-years shit