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4Knots Music Festival

June 29, 2013 · South St Seaport

This was a weird outdoor festival at a seaport. I spent the better part of a day there, since White Lung went on at 3 and The Men went on at 7, and those were the two bands I was mostly interested in seeing. My roommate at the time showed up, and I randomly ran into my friend from Hacker School, so it was a good time.

White Lung was awesome to see, but the crowd was totally dead, since no one wants to mosh in 90 degree weather at 3 in the afternoon. Still, I was excited just to get to say I'd seen them live, since they were only playing in 21-and-over venues and I was still underage.

I don't really remember the rest of the sets too much. I remember being kind of bored with Kurt Vile, and while I liked The Men's big singles, I wasn't impressed with their quieter stuff. I still sort of feel that way, though if it catches me in the right mood, I can really appreciate their ballads.