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PC Music (A.G. Cook / Danny L Harle) / The Range

July 18, 2015 · Baby's All Right

PC Music again! This time, in a far less crazy environment. This was just a solid set of DJs.

I was super excited to find The Range had been added to the bill. I recognized the name when I saw the set list, but couldn't place it until he played one of my favorite tracks, "The One," which is an absolute gem.

I don't remember a ton of the PC Music sets, other than that they were very good, and I had a lot of fun dancing. I do remember both AG Cook and Danny L Harle had similar graphics to what they were using at Pop Cube, but the sets seemed a tad more experimental. They used the longer lengths of their sets mostly to tease out their biggest tracks.

Also, at one point, I danced with QT, which blew my goddamn mind. She was moving through the crowd like some kind of alien party magician, dancing with everyone, and I loved it.