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DFA Summer Hotdog #1 (w/ Holy Ghost!)

August 29, 2015 · Good Room

I don't really know how to do "clubs," so I bought a ticket to this with a bit of trepedation. It ended up being worth it - Good Room is a cool place, and their sound system is fantastic.

The secret live guest for this show was unannounced, and I was super happy to find out it was Holy Ghost!, one of the first bands I ever saw in NYC. Last time I saw them, it was at Terminal 5, and getting to see them in such an intimate setting was real treat. Their stage was set up opposite the front of the dance floor, where James goddamn Murphy had been DJing, so as soon as I realized they were setting up I pushed my way across the floor to get a good spot.

They didn't play anything new, which bummed me out a bit (it's been two years since their last record!), but they still sound great and have a killer live setup.