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NXT TakeOver Brooklyn

August 22, 2015 · Barclays Center, Brooklyn, NY · Cards: [1] [2]

I'd gotten into wrestling by watching last year's SummerSlam, so it seemed oddly appropriate that this year's SummerSlam would be happening a few G train stops away from me. While there was no way in hell I was going to shell out $400+ for SummerSlam, I was more than happy to pay a little under half of that for TakeOver.

From my floor seat, I couldn't see the ring particularly well, but I did luck out by being incredibly close to the entrance ramp. It was an awesome show, and the crowd noise in that room was incredible. I hadn't been to Barclays Center before, and I was glad to see they had nearly the capacity of MSG in a seemingly much-smaller space - every seat in the house seemed like it'd be a good one.